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Important note about Registration for 2016

Thank you to those who submitted your registration details so far. If you did not receive the payment details, please email treasurer Derek Cullen on

Everyone else please register using our google Form as the website form is currently broken:

Once you fill it out, you will be contacted by the club treasurer with payment details. Once you are registered you will be insured for training and able to compete for Glendalough AC (in county) and Sli Cualann (outside county) in official AAI events.



Agenda and motions for the AGM

The primary purpose of the AGM is to elect officers and review the work of the previous year as well as get member's view on club policy.

  1. Adoption of standing orders
  2. Minutes of previous AGM
  3. Consideration of Financial Statements and Accounts
  4. Chairperson's address
  5. Notices of motions (see below)
  6. Election of officers and members of the Committee
  7. Other business


  1. It is proposed that Clause 8 of the Constitution be amended to:
    8. Committee and Officers The club shall elect from its members the following officers:
    • Chairperson
    • Vice chairperson
    • Secretary/Registrar
    • Treasurer
    • Head Coach
    • Public Relations Officer
    • Youth & Child Welfare Officer
    • Designated Person

    Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. The Committee can expand the Committee with other suitable roles as necessary by submitting a motion at an AGM or EGM. All officers will retire at the AGM each year but will be eligible to stand for re-election

    All club officers and committee members shall familiarise themselves with the principles of Long Term Athlete Development and with the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport.
    Commentary: This motion merges the Secretary and Registrar roles of the club and adds the Head Coach position as part of the Committee Officers. The name of the Child Welfare Officer is expanded to 'Youth and Child Welfare Officer' to more accurately reflect the work done by the current year's Officer (Yvonne Brennan) which incompasses youth development as well as child welfare.

  2. It is proposed that club members contribute a donation either similar (€2 per race) or reduced (€1 per race) for the Glendalough Winter Handicap League. Fee should be agreed by vote at the AGM if the motion is accepted. If defeated members continue to have no entry fee.
  3. Membership of Sli Cualann It is proposed that membership of Sli Cualann be retained after the first year's 'trial period'. This matter should henceforth only be brought up in a separate motion initiated by future Committees or members who wish to revisit the question. Motion background: The inaugural AGM required a re-vote on this issue after the first year to assess how things have worked out.



We are delighted to announce that Junior Training is now running regularly from 18:00 to 19:00 on Thursday evenings at the Laragh GAA pitches. Come along to see if it is for you. 
First Thursday in January our Beginners 'Fit4Life' will also begin. Price for the series and more details to be confirmed soon.


We currently train:

- Thursday evenings at the flood-lit pitches of Laragh GAA @ 19:00 (Fartlek over grass)

- Saturday mornings @ 9:30 (upcoming Club League starting 19th of December)



The Glendalough AC Club Handicap League starts on the 19th of December at the Upper Lake Car Park. This is a fantastic league which will run for 12 Saturdays and with both a 5 km and 10 km option. Read more in the documents below:



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