Training plans now available

The general training plan for the 12 week period from 8th March to 30th May is now available for download 
Please note the following before using the plan or sending questions to the coaching staff:
  • This is a general training plan not individulised to each individual so you need to pick your own specific durations and how many days per week you train (for more information 
  • Specific club workouts will be posted next week so you can do them even if you are not there
  • We generally train together on Thursdays but this moves to Tuesday on weeks where there is Fit4Life races on Thursday or before major club events. We hope to increase the number of sessions we do together shortly
  • To calculate how much volume you should be doing you can use the ChampionsEverywhere Weekly Volume Calculator HERE (do not increase the number of days you train by more than one and give it a few weeks to see how the body responds)
  • The plan ranks workouts from 1 to 7 in priority. 1 is the most important and 7 the least important. If you train 4 times per week you should generally pick 1, 2, 3 and 4 unless you do not recover very well from harder workouts (see workouts below)
  • Races are suggestions. You don't have to do them. do a steady workout instead if you don't plan to do them such as an Out & Back
  • We currently only divide club members into two very broad groups Hill & Ultra (longer endurance focused events) and Road and Cross (faster events). You may fall in the middle and you may decide to do a mixture of road and hills. In that case pick the week that applies any given week
  • Remember to listen to your body: an extra rest day is better than getting injured because you want to follow the plan at all costs. Learn how much recovery time you need. 
  • The plan is not the 10 Commandments. Follow what you can and/or want but observe the 'hard/easy' principle and don't do your own session on a Wednesday and then turn up and do another hard session with the club on Thursday. You cannot have it both ways.
  • Do not do too many of the faster workouts:
    • If you run 6 or 7 days per week you should do 2 faster workouts if you recover slowly and 3 if you recover quickly
    • If you run 4 to 5 days you should do 2 faster workouts (1 workout if you are just back into training)
    • If you train 3 days or less you should do only 1 faster workout
    • If you have just returned from injury you should not do any of the faster workouts. Do a minimum of 6 weeks easy running and consult with our coaching staff on the best way to get back in full training
This training plan was created by club sponsors ChampionsEverywhere who developed a similar plan for West Waterford AC as part of the Club Development Packages. Detailed descriptions of all workouts can be found on their website on their workout description page
A manual on how to use this will be published and released to all athletes. 
For questions please email René Borg directly.


Images from Glendalough AC