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TRAINING: Hill repetitions on Thursdays

'Provisional' training sessions continue On Thursday and will do so until we move onto the Laragh GAA pitches. For those who have not attended yet, please read through the details below.

Meeting place and time

Lynham's of Laragh car park at 19:00. Ideally be ready to start exercising at 19:00 sharp. If you are late we will still be in the car park for the first 10-15 minutes doing the warm-up so you can join in anytime here

Format and fitness levels required

This session takes place in the dark currently and involves roughly 5 to 6 km of running with just over 200m of climbing and descending up the Green Road in Derrybawn Woods (the zig-zags). Terrain is rocky fire-road.

The session format is suitable for beginners as we ensure the group never spreads too far away and it is time based so you can dose out your own best efforts.
Warmup in the car park
  Each workout starts with 10-15 minutes dynamic warm-up, a 2 km easy trot, then the session followed by a 3 km easy trot back down to Lynham's and a bit of mobility work to finish off on.

Generally the actual harder running is currently only 10 to 15 minutes with the rest being easier recovery. For runners in top-form they can simply run harder to get more out of the session (for instance if you are peaking for races soon).


 Current sessions are generally run at a 'steady' intensity to build endurance in the winter-time with a few higher intensity workouts to keep things varied.

Instructions are given on the night and everybody helps everyone out.
Hill work in the dark is the current menu

Tips and tricks

Here's a few useful tips to make the most of the workout:
  • Train at your own level, not someone else's.
  • Train, don't strain - we're not looking to push you into the 'red zone' just now - leave that for a few key workouts once you are in 'top shape' - not the weekly stuff
  • Be smart with the recovery periods - get your breathing back and your heart rate down unless instructed otherwise - walk the uphills if you have to in order to recover
  • Don't attend this session with niggles or injuries - leave the heroics to races, be smart in training - we want you around for the long-term not just next Thursday
  • For this workout to make a big difference to your fitness you need to do at least 2-3 other easy training sessions per week. 
  • During the warm-up and cooldown we can all chat away and be social. When the main workout starts - put on your game face - its good practice for racing
  • Loosen up before getting into your car, get a good meal of healthy natural foods into you within an hour and don't let yourself get very thirsty before or after. No need to overhydrate but you should not be dehydrated as it'll slow recovery and make you stiffer

What to bring

Bring a strong head-torch and a top layer (rainproof if wet) to wear during warm-up and cooldown. During the session you'll get plenty warm so will usually want to strip off the top layer! Bring whatever shoes you are used to using on trails.
Bring the extra layer but be prepared to discard it


Images from Glendalough AC